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CLAYON is a trademark owned by Kia Lim PLC in Malaysia. Kia Lim, the largest clay brick manufacturer in Malaysia, was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1965 on 8 May 1995 as a public limited company listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Kia Lim is also one of the most modern, efficient clay products manufacturers with a high commitment towards quality in the entire South-East Asia region.


 Our subsidiary companies are principally involved in the manufacturing of clay common bricks, facing bricks, block bricks, M211 bricks, brick tiles, chamfered paving bricks, and H-shape pavers, as well as roofing tiles.

 We are committed to maintain long-term relationship with our clients. Our company policy emphasize strongly on exporting our quality products to you. Our markets range from the whole of Malaysia to Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the Middle Eastern countries.

 Our production capability is approximately 180 million pieces of bricks per annum (approximately 400,000 tons of clay per year or 15 million pieces per month). New production lines for clay roofing tiles, facing bricks and pavers, using the latest Spanish, German as well as Italian technology, are now in commercial production.

 Besides dealing extensively in local markets, we also welcome overseas orders. Please contact us here at www.clayon.net for more details on becoming a distributor for CLAYON products in your area.

 Your interest in buying or reselling CLAYON products in your area will surely be rewarded greatly since we always embark on cutting-edge manufacturing and quality control system.


We welcome your orders. For some range of products, we may have ready-stocks which can be dispatched immediately.